Matt Taibbi Delivers Vicious Takedown of Roger Ailes: ‘The Christopher Columbus of Hate’


Following the announcement of longtime Fox News chief Roger Ailes’ deathyesterday morning, there was a polarized reaction that seemed fitting considering Ailes’ life. Over on Fox News, the day was filled with emotional tributes, while former network star Bill O’Reilly penned a sympathetic obituaryfor USA Today. Meanwhile, many on the left tore into the combative personality, citing his numerous sexual harassment allegations to label him a “predatory monster.” Add Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi to the list of those who aren’t sad to see Ailes gone.In what can only be described as a nasty takedown of the ex-FNC head, Taibbi blamed Ailes for creating the “hyper-divisive media environment” American public — described as “a hate-filled, paranoid, untrusting, book-dumb and bilious people” — currently finds itself in.

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