What is Newsoi!?

Newsoi! is a combination of number of unique algorithms that basically allows it to think by itself and make decisions and evaluations without any help from a human. Newsoi! is able to analyze news articles and tell you a lot of things about them. The basic idea is that Newsoi! gives you clues whether the article is worth reading before you have to spend any more of your time reading it. Some things that the service analyzes are for example how understandable the text is and whether the article is talking about something topical or important.

Newsoi! keeps a constant track of what news stories are going on right now. The best articles about the current hot topics are shown on the front page so you do not have to look any further for high quality content. A summary of the article and evaluation of its contents are shown by clicking on the headline. For now the design is minimal. We are focusing more on the server-side which is kind of invisible, but trust us, this will improve the quality of the news. There will be improvements on the user-interface also (Coming soon... :) )


Why should I let a computer decide what I read? There are many advantages with automated solution. Newsoi! is able to go through thousands of articles from hundreds of different news sites and analyze and compare all of them together. The program is able to see connections and notice things that would be nearly impossible for a human to notice. And it is able to constantly update its knowledge. There are so many aspects with what Newsoi! does that could not be done manually. To achieve the same with human workers it would take hundreds of people constantly working around the clock.

This site is currently a one man operation done on my free time, but I am constantly working on this. I am not publishing anything before I am sure that it is working perfectly. I am developing new features that are scheduled to be implemented in the future... ;)

About the developer

I am a 25-year old software developer from Finland. I love information, knowledge and I think that computers are tools to make our lifes easier. With the use of intelligently designed algorithms it is possible to make computers do some of the labor-intensive thinking on your behalf so we you can focus on the important stuff in life. Newsoi! allows me to combine lot of my nerdy interests to create something that passes on information and makes peoples lives more simpler and more interresting. You can send me feedback and I promise to answer at least some of the questions. My e-mail is: [email protected]

Newsoi! is meant to be free, but of course it has to be supported somehow, that is why we have ads. The idea is to keep the ads minimal but in the future there could maybe be a way to pay to remove them. This site is being developed out of pure interest and entertainment for the developer, but if you want to support the project there are some ways: 1. disable your add blocker in Newsoi! and 2. download our app from Google Play or Apple App Store (iPhone app under development, coming in 2016).


If you have questions, detect a bug or have any kind of feedback, do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact Newsoi! with the form below or by sending e-mail to this address: [email protected]

Link to contact form

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