You can subscribe to Newsoi! in a lot of different ways. We have an RSS Feed to add to your favorite feed aggregator and also couple of mailing lists. If you want to keep up with the development progress and other news related to the Newsoi! service, subsribe to our updates mail list. There are also daily and weekly journal listing collected top news articles.


We have a nice android app that displays our feed automatically. IPhone app coming soon!

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Mail lists

Here is a subscription form to our mailing lists. Firstly, you can subscribe to the journal, which is a collection of top news in an e-mail form. Secondly, you can subscribe to the updates list to receive news about the Newsoi! development progress.

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RSS Feeds

RSS feeds can be read with a RSS reader. After you have subscribed to the RSS feed you can read new content with your computer, phone or tablet. Just copy the feed address to your feed aggregator. All our feeds are currently updating the current top news every hour.

Feed Updated
 Right Now Hourly
 Today Hourly
 This Week Hourly
 Politics Hourly
 Economy and Business Hourly
 Conflict and Law Hourly
 Sports Hourly
 Technology and Science Hourly
 Entertainment and Lifestyle Hourly

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